Top Fall Garden and Lawn Tasks


The full force of fall is upon us! With wonderfully warm days and crisp, “perfect sleeping weather” nights, now is the time to get those fall chores finished while the weather still allows. Wondering where to start? Here at Boulder Landscape and Design we have lots of suggestions and advice to help make your fall […]

Preparing Lawns and Sprinklers for Fall

Preparing Lawns and Sprinklers for Fall - close up of sprinkler head.jpg

Not to kill the Labor Day buzz, but have you given any thought to putting the lawn to bed yet? No? Neither has anyone else! And we could be just weeks away from the first freeze! How about we help you get the jump on it this year with some tips on getting your lawn […]

Landscape Maintenance Is a Four Season Project

Landscape Maintenance Is a Four Season Project - drawing of 4 trees

The healthiest landscapes get attention all year ’round! Your landscape is a living, growing thing, and just like kids or puppies, it needs frequent and consistent attention, even in the off-season. Check out our suggested landscape maintenance schedule below. November and December landscape maintenance: These months’ tasks include cleaning leaves out of your gutters, and […]

Winterize Your Irrigation System (and other fall maintenance)

Plan ahead to get all tasks done and still have time for cider and pie! It is tempting to lose momentum for landscape chores in the fall. Promise of immediate rewards such as new growth and bright colors is reserved for spring and summer. Instead, these months of fading light teach us patience, prudence and […]

Fall Is the Time to Plan Your Garden for Spring…

Plan Your Garden for Spring - red and purple flowers

Plant bulbs and flowering shrubs now for a riot of spring color! It is not too late to install trees, shrubs and those wonderful spring flowering bulbs, despite the recent cold weather. A good rule of thumb in Colorado is to plant before November 1st, giving your plants and bulbs six weeks before the ground […]