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Landscaping Is an Investment, Not an Expense

You need to think about landscaping as an extension of your home.

Most people spend a significant amount of their time outside in their yards, whether it is relaxing with the family enjoying some fresh air or entertaining by the fire pit watching the sunset. Your yard is somewhere you spend quality personal time, it’s time to make it a space you love!

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Boulder Landscape and Design Landscape Project Pricing

Professional landscaping increases the overall value of a home by 12% to 20%

At Boulder Landscape and Design, we offer a personalized approach and encourage you to schedule an initial consultation with us. During this consultation, our expert designers will assess your needs and provide you with pricing details tailored to your project. We want to ensure that you are well-informed throughout your journey of finding the best landscaper for your needs.

We also understand that larger landscape projects can involve substantial costs, and we want to ensure that you can achieve your desired outcome while staying within your budget. Many of our clients choose to tackle their projects in stages, allowing them to control costs effectively. Our experienced designers specialize in helping you plan and phase out your project over time if needed, accommodating larger goals that may exceed your current budget. This approach ensures that every stage of the project aligns seamlessly, resulting in a cohesive and harmonious space. You can trust our team to guide you through the process and achieve your landscaping goals without having to compromise.


The prices below are very broad ranges intended to give a high-level idea of the costs associated with landscaping. For all the project examples, pricing is subject to the number of services needed, size of yard, and materials used.


Enhancements and Basic Landscape Refreshes

When you have a great foundation to expand on and are looking for ways to refresh and update the look of your yard, enhancement work is a great place to start. Here are a few examples of the most popular types of enhancement work we do!

  • Incorporating New Plants, Trees, and/or Sod to What is Already There
  • Refreshing Mulch or Adding Rock
  • Re-leveling and Re-Grouting Flagstone or Paver Walkways or Patios
  • New Edging
  • Updating or Expanding your Irrigation System
  • Adding Drainage to Mitigate Water Pooling


Typical Range for These Types of Projects = $5,000 to 25,000

Revitalize Part of Your Yard

If you are looking to revamp or xeriscape a section of your yard (Front, Side, or Backyard) to add more functionality, clean it up or make it a low-maintenance oasis, or transition to a low-water xeriscaped yard, getting back to fundamentals is a great place to start! These types of projects don’t include hardscape features.

  • New Plants, Trees, and Sod
  • Rock, Boulders, and Mulch
  • New or Updated Irrigation/Drip System
  • New Topsoil and Edging
  • Drainage to Mitigate Water Pooling

Typical Range For These Types of Projects = $15,000 to $40,000

Customized Outdoor Extension of Your Home

Are you ready to renovate either your front yard or backyard and turn it into an outdoor retreat, or a space to entertain that is truly an extension of your home? Adding customized hardscape features into your project will give it that extra polish and features that truly define the space.

  • Hardscape (ex. Patio, Retaining Wall, Pergola, Fire Pit, Outdoor Kitchen)
  • Landscape Lighting
  • New Plants, Trees, and Sod
  • Rock, Boulders, and Mulch
  • New Edging
  • New or Updated Irrigation/Drip System
  • Grading and Drainage Installed as Needed

Typical Range For These Types of Projects  = $45,000 to $80,000

Full Scrape and Update to Create Your Dream Yard

Does your entire yard need a complete makeover? We can build the outdoor space of your dreams and customize every detail to your goals and needs. Looking to build a quiet retreat or fabulous space to entertain, your new yard will be the place you want to spend all your time.

Please contact us for more information and schedule and appointment with one of our landscape designers.


We have found that renovations usually cost around 10% to 15% of your homes value.

Here is some information on landscape estimating and
pricing that we hope you find helpful

We believe that a successful landscaping project starts with a design plan. Our expert designers will work closely with you to create a detailed roadmap for your project to help you visualize the final outcome, we provide 3D renderings that allow you to see every detail before construction begins. Moreover, we strive to maintain open communication and transparency, allowing for any necessary adjustments to be made prior to or during the project. This approach guarantees that everyone involved remains fully informed and eliminates any uncertainties. As a result, surprises are avoided, risks are minimized, and accurate pricing and estimates can be provided.

We also take a lot of pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our estimates are all-inclusive, with no hidden fees. The quoted price will only change if there are modifications to the project scope. We encourage you to read testimonials  from our satisfied customers, showcasing the positive impact and the relationships we have built in the community

Budget is obviously a big part of choosing the right landscaper for you and your project. Making sure to read reviews and research the types of projects a landscaper does will help you make the best decision for your project. There is no budget too small or too large…. it comes down to your priorities, what you are comfortable spending, and the level of quality and assurance you are looking for.

Landscaping does usually costs more than people realize, and this is because it is much more involved than people know. There are multiple specialized skill-sets needed, a lot of man-power, and machinery involved in each project, and most people typically only think about the final product when they are planning budgets. Choosing good materials and plants that will thrive in our environment will also be key to the space thriving.

Preparing the foundation of the project usually runs about 20%-30% of the overall project cost. Before we do any planting or hardscaping installation, we take care of excavation and demo, drainage, and site preparation to ensure you don’t run into issues down the road. The reason so much attention is placed on this is because having a strong foundation is fundamental to a project being completed to a high-level of quality and lasting a long time.

If your project goals are larger than your current budget, our designers have significant experience in helping to plan and phase out the project over the course of a few years to meet all goals and keep a cohesive feel to the space.

We understand the importance of staying within a specific budget for your project! Our designers will help guide you, offer solutions, and talk with you about the best ways to accomplish this.

Here are some of the main things that can impact the budget of your project:

  • Size and quantity of plants and trees used
    If you are looking to have full-sized trees planted to help create some immediate privacy, unfortunately those larger trees are more expensive than a smaller tree that just need more time to grow. Choosing smaller/younger plants and trees will help to save money when planning your project, just know that after a season or two everything will fill in and look amazing – just takes a little patience.

  • Adding hardscape to your project
    Adding hardscape to your project (patio, retaining or seat wall, fire pit, pergola, outdoor kitchen etc) are some of the features we all love most about professional landscaping, but they are also the most skilled-labor intensive to create and require a lot of prep-work to build a strong foundation for. The amount of effort and skillset needed to do these correctly is significant.

  • Size and materials used in hardscape features
    Some of the ways we can minimize the costs of adding hardscape to your project include reducing the size of the hardscaped item(s) and/or choosing a more cost-effective material. Our designers are very knowledgeable and happy to recommend material options that will be a good fit for your project goals.

  • Ease of access to space
    Having good access to your yard is key to reducing the amount of labor needed to demo the space and bring in materials. On projects where we must haul in and out everything by wheelbarrow vs using machinery is more labor and time intensive.

If your project goals are larger than your current budget, our designers have a significant amount of experience in helping to plan and phase out your project over time to meet all goals and keep a cohesive feel to the space.

Your home is probably one of your biggest investments and most valuable assets. The decision of who you hire should not be taken lightly. You want your landscaping project to look great, maintain the structural integrity of the area, and last. Work should be done neatly, quickly, and cleanly, by people who know what they are doing.

You want the best price and level of quality possible. Most importantly, you want to work with someone who understands your needs and can provide a customized solution.

Unfortunately there is no barrier to entry in the landscape construction industry, anyone can call themselves a landscaper. So it is up to you, the consumer, to really do your research prior to hiring any contractor. It is important to read reviews, see pictures of their work, get referrals, and learn about the company you are considering hiring.



  • Consider the value of communication and responsiveness. Pay attention to how the landscape company communicates with you during the initial stages. A reputable company will be prompt, responsive, and attentive to your needs. Clear and open communication is crucial for a successful working relationship. At Boulder Landscape and Design we pride ourselves on having great communication throughout the entire project journey; starting with the first time you reach out to inquire about a project, to working with the same person as your designer and project manger, and given direct contact information to the owners of the company.



  • Properly trained staff is important to the project being completed correctly.

We at BLD have a training program for all new employees, and many of our crew members have been with us for over 15 years. Which speaks to the consistent quality we have been providing for years and the knowledge transfer happening to new employees guaranteeing the longevity of that craftsmen level knowledge.

  • Look for companies that provide a quality assurance program to protect you from subpar workmanship.

It is our standard practice to do weekly walk-throughs with our customers to make sure they are satisfied with work completed so far, we want to address any changes that need to happen immediately. We also do a formal walk-through at the end of the project to make sure our customers are thrilled with the project before we collect the final payment.

  • Attention to detail and the “little” things that make a big difference and consistent cleanliness throughout the project duration

Our crews are very respectful of being on our customers properties, and cleanup at the end of every day so you can try and spend time in your yard in the evenings and weekends without feeling like you are living in a construction zone.



  • On materials and workmanship – an established company that stands behind its warranty.

We offer a 1-year warranty on all plants, trees, and sod planted, and other materials used in addition to all work completed.



  • A well explained price that is fair value for the work being completed

Our estimates are transparent, include everything needed for the project, and with no hidden fees. All work to be completed and materials needed are itemized on the estimate.

  • Pricing that does not change unless the scope of the project does

At BLD, what we estimate will be the price for your project.  You don’t have to worry about any surprise costs tacked on to the final invoice. If you modify the project during construction, we will keep you updated what those change-orders cost so you are very aware of how they are impacting the budget.

There isn’t one that is better or worse, it comes down to your landscape project goals, desired style, and budget. When deciding between concrete and flagstone for a patio or walkway, there are pros and cons to both and many factors to consider. Let’s explore the characteristics of each so you are well informed.


Aesthetic Appeal: Flagstone is known for its natural and rustic look, as it is a type of sedimentary rock that is typically flat and irregularly shaped. It offers a unique and charming appearance, and comes in a multitude of earthy colors to really create dimension and a custom feel. 

On the other hand, concrete provides a more uniform and contemporary appearance. It can be stamped, stained, or colored. Trying to match stained concrete to an existing structure or element can be challenging as the colors do vary and often fade with time. 

Durability and Longevity: Both concrete and flagstone are durable materials, but flagstone is known for its exceptional durability. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, extreme weather conditions, and has a longer lifespan compared to concrete when properly installed and maintained. 

Also… if you have any issues below where the flagstone patio or walkway is built (such as a tree root that has grown in size and now impacting the space, or a pipe coming from your house that has a leak or bursts, or if you live in a new-build home and the ground settles), flagstone can be pulled up quickly to address any issues and then re-laid to perfection. 

Concrete does not offer that flexibility should an issue develop down the road. Concrete, when well-made and sealed, can also be long-lasting, but it may require occasional repairs over time.

Installation and Versatility: Concrete is relatively easier to install since it can be poured into any shape or size, allowing for more flexibility in patio design. It can be formed into various patterns, textures, and finishes. 

Flagstone installation, on the other hand, requires more expertise, as the stones need to be carefully cut, laid and fitted together. However, flagstone offers versatility in terms of creating a naturalistic, irregular layout.

Cost: Concrete is generally more budget-friendly compared to flagstone. Flagstone is often more expensive due to its natural characteristics and the labor-intensive installation process. Concrete, particularly plain gray concrete, tends to be more affordable.

Maintenance: Both materials require some level of maintenance. Concrete may develop cracks, especially if the ground settles or shifts. Regular sealing of concrete is recommended to protect it from stains, moisture, and weathering. Flagstone requires occasional cleaning and re-leveling of the stones to maintain its appearance and prevent weed growth in the joints.

Climate Considerations: Flagstone is an excellent option in Colorado as our weather is fairly extreme with freeze-thaw cycles. Flagstone is less prone to cracking or damage from temperature changes, but the joints can show wear and tear more quickly which can be redone as needed. Removing snow from a flagstone patio or walkway can be more challenging than concrete due to its inconsistent texture and joints. 

Concrete can also withstand various climates but is more prone to cracking in Colorado’s weather extremes. Concrete will also absorb a lot of heat during the summer months which can become uncomfortable to walk on. However, this can be mitigated by using light-colored concrete, adding shade structures, or putting down outdoor rugs.


Ultimately, the choice between concrete and flagstone for your patio depends on your preferences, budget, and desired aesthetic. Talk with one of our experienced landscape designers to discuss which option would be best for your landscape project. 

We completely understand that what you have been through since 2021 in order to be at the point where you are researching landscapers has been a long and hard journey is an understatement. We know you must be exhausted from working with insurance companies, the county, builders, HOAs and at this point just want one piece of this rebuild to go smoothly, quickly, and easily.

We try to do what we can to help provide a seamless and transparent process as possible process that will result in a high-quality yard that you can enjoy for years to come. Unfortunately your yard was more than likely scraped down to rock and you will need everything from all new soil, proper grading, drainage, irrigation, on top of all new plantings, sod, edging, rock, mulch fencing etc.

Please know our estimates include everything you need for your yard, and once you commit to getting on our schedule the pricing is locked in. We know insurance companies are looking for that level of detail and price commitment to approve claims.

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For all new projects, BLD requires a deposit to hold your spot on our calendar. We schedule all projects on a first-come, first-serve basis and we do so with integrity. We make business decisions based on our schedule and we just ask that you commit to us in return. All deposits go towards the project total. The remainder of the project costs are broken into multiple payments of which the final payment is collected at the end of the project when all work has been completed.


BLD accepts checks, ACH bank transfers, and credit cards. There is a convenience fee for credit card transactions.


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