Meet Our Designer, Samantha Spencer


Samantha loves taking her clients ideas and preferences and bringing them to life the way that only a designer’s eyes can.  She’s passionate about taking a boring yard or lot and turning it into a living, breathing space that is an outdoor extension of their lifestyle, usually using a unique twist in materials.  Her designs become spaces that clients can relax and entertain in: spaces that they can live in and be utterly content.

Samantha earned her Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture at Purdue University. In the following years she rounded off her education with an intense apprenticeship that included ecotourism in Ecuador, urban design in Italy, and high end residential design in the US.  The highlight of this part of her career was collaborating with World Class designer Ken Smith on the ambitious Great Park built in Irvine, California. Her highlight was seeing key elements of her designs built and enjoyed by over half a million visitors each year.  

In 2016, Samantha founded SJS Designs, LLC to pursue her art.  She values client interaction because good communication produces the best results!  She values knowing how to work with the space available to produce a desired result, whether that’s feeling more spacious, more cozy, or even just simply more functional.  The same year, she teamed up with BLD to harness the power of their experienced and precise crews that bring her unique and elegant designs to life. Her knowledge of horticulture, design, and use of native materials help you put together the best combination of your ideas package that’s workable within your budget.  Her experience in construction management manifests your design in a timely and smooth fashion.   

She loves to practice her own methods at home where she experiments with the mixtures of foliage, color and texture of plants and hardscapes. Her uncanny ability to sense what’s in the client’s minds coupled with exquisite attention to detail, sensitivity to scale and materials, produces stylish, inviting, and harmonious spaces for families to enjoy their very own outdoor arenas at any stage of life. 

“We love our new yard!  We had an ambitious goal of replacing basically everything in our yard (hardscaping, sod, trees, plants, some concrete). Samantha and the crew from BLD did a great job of realizing our vision.  They were quick and professional, and the results are fabulous”

- Mike M.

Here are several designs Samantha has done, and examples of projects she designed for and worked on with BLD.

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