Sustainable Beauty

Xeriscaping is a style of landscaping that reduces the amount of lawn and water used in yards, while also maintaining the integrity and beauty of the space by replacing the lawn with native and drought tolerant plants, mulch, rock, and boulders to create a colorful and inviting space to enjoy!

Xeriscapes on average reduce landscape water consumption by 40-60% compared to regular lawn landscapes. Unfortunately, to many homeowners’ xeriscaping equates to removing all the lawn and replacing it with a yard full of rock or gravel. When done correctly, xeriscaping produces greenspaces that require low amounts of water and maintenance but are creative and full of texture and dimension.

Our Approach to Xeriscaping

We at Boulder Landscape and Design (BLD) approach xeriscaping with enthusiasm and excitement to transform our customers’ outdoor spaces in ways they never imagined!

We love mixing textures like mulch and river rock, altering heights with the use of retaining walls and boulders to add dimension, while adding interest and movement with plantings that will thrive in the space and create color all season long. We curate native, drought tolerant plants that add texture and work well with your color palate. Our designers are very knowledgeable and experienced at designing spaces to fulfill all these requirements.

Mad for Mulches

Natural mulches (popular throughout Boulder!) along with stonework and carefully selected rock are the perfect backdrops for Xeriscapes.  They also help prevent erosion and retain moisture. Boulder Landscape Design (BLD) uses biodegradable mulches that contribute to the health of the landscape.