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Top Fall Garden and Lawn Tasks

The full force of fall is upon us! With wonderfully warm days and crisp, “perfect sleeping weather” nights, now is the time to get those fall chores finished while the weather still allows.

Fall-Garden-Flower-PlantingWondering where to start? Here at Boulder Landscape and Design we have lots of suggestions and advice to help make your fall cleanup tasks more organized. From cleaning the gutters to raking out the garden beds and even hanging those holiday lights, we’ve got the list for you here.


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The Importance of Fall Cleanup Tasks

Why is it important to take the time to do fall cleanups? We like to think of it as the beginning of the next growing season. Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why you should spend time to properly prepare your property for winter.
Fall Clean Ups: Prepare Your Garden for WinterWithout a doubt, we all have to work hard to prepare our properties for winter. We often see one area that is overlooked, so we wrote this piece of advice on preparing lawns and sprinklers for fall. Preparing Lawns and Sprinklers for Fall
Winterize Your Irrigation System (and other fall maintenance)Planning ahead. We all know we should do it. So here is a gentle reminder on planning ahead for winter and the holidays. You KNOW now is the time, right? Plan Ahead for Winter and the Holidays – Already?

Good News for Garden Enthusiasts

For those of you who are gardening nuts and already can’t wait for spring, here is an article with a title you’ll love: “Fall is the time to plan your garden for spring.”
Fall Is the Time to Plan Your Garden for Spring…And finally, and encouraging word for gardening and landscaping enthusiasts, entitled “Landscape Maintenance is a Four Season Project.” This article outlines what you can do in the fall and winter to maintain your landscape. Landscape Maintenance Is a Four Season Project