Plan Your Garden for Spring - red and purple flowers
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Fall Is the Time to Plan Your Garden for Spring…

Plan Your Garden for Spring - red and purple flowersPlant bulbs and flowering shrubs now for a riot of spring color!

It is not too late to install trees, shrubs and those wonderful spring flowering bulbs, despite the recent cold weather. A good rule of thumb in Colorado is to plant before November 1st, giving your plants and bulbs six weeks before the ground freezes. If Mother Nature doesn’t provide moisture, be sure to water about once a week to help them establish new roots, and then keep up a watering schedule about every two weeks during the common warm spells in a Front Range winter. Be sure to mulch around the roots of your fall plantings to help retain the moisture and keep the ground a little warmer.

Here are some tips for planting your new bulbs:

  • Plant in full or partial sun in well drained soil.
  • Group your bulbs for that riotous look. Odd numbers tend to look more natural.
  • Set larger bulbs down about 8 inches; smaller bulbs can be planted at about 4 to 6 inches.
  • Cover the bulbs with soil and water them well. Cover with a layer of mulch to keep them moist.
  • New bulbs have been fertilized and fattened for planting, so no fertilizer needs to be added now. If you plan to leave them for several seasons, however, you can add some compost or well-rotted cow manure when you plant, or gently dig it into the top inch or two of your soil the following spring.