Consider Using Native Plants to Enhance Your Garden Beds

March 9th, 2021 – Boulder Landscape and Design When choosing plants for your landscape, it is important to consider plants that will adapt to your soil and weather conditions well. If you decide to work with well-suited native plants for this area, you do so with the knowledge that these plants have evolved for hundreds […]

3 Commonly Asked Gardening Questions

Our gardener loves working with clients to help make their yards look amazing. Here are the top three questions she gets asked frequently and her responses. 1) When Should I Water My Plants? Watering should be done in the morning, the earlier the better. Plants need a chance to soak up their water before it […]

Grass Clippings – Good or Bad?

We’re looking forward to summer and our lawns looking great! Of course, that’s when they grow like crazy, and with weekly mowing ahead on the schedule, some folks are wondering whether to leave or remove the grass clippings. We’ll give you some good tips – just read on below. Did you know that the average lawn generates about […]

Building a Strategy for Your Annual Planters Early

By Jamie Overley Adding potted annuals to your patio can transform the space and really make it an inviting area to enjoy! Spring is right around the corner and it is time to start thinking about what kinds of beautiful flowers will decorate your patios this year. Here are a several things I have learned […]

Garden Design Plan for Year Round Color

Want Year Round Color in Your Garden? Here Is a Garden Design Plan for Year Round Color by Paige Payne, Online Landscape Designs Last year I created a plant guide outlining a few of my favorite plants that creates year-round color in the garden. This year I drew a plan to help homeowners design and […]

Xeric Front Yard Garden Planning and Design

By Paige Payne, Online Landscape Designs This xeric front yard landscape was designed to be water wise, colorful, interesting, and bird and bee friendly.  We used some water saving ideas for the garden while working around the homeowner’s mature silver maple tree.  First, we removed all of the thirsty turf. Then a drip irrigation system […]

Standing in the Shadows? Learn about Outside Lighting

Learn about Outside Lighting - house at night

Too often, outside lighting means a porch light by the door and a lamppost marking the end of the driveway. Today however, vibrant, luminescent options mean your home and garden can be as dazzling by moonlight as they are by light of day. And the new LED designs make it affordable and environmentally sound. Learn […]

Landscaping with Cacti and Succulents

Landscaping with Cacti and Succulents

Cacti are Colorado… Before Colorado settlers imported the shrubs and trees that now forest the Front Range, nature’s garden included abundant cacti. These indigenous landscape plants are well suited to the high desert plateau we call home. Indeed, cacti are native only to the Western Hemisphere! Most of us, however, overlook the sculptural value cacti provide […]

What Your Landscape Says About You

How to make your yard "represent"

Your landscaping is speaking louder than you think! When people approach your home, the first thing they notice is the welcome mat we call the yard. What does yours say about you? If it’s not a showcase, don’t panic! This isn’t about having to spend a small fortune keeping up with the Joneses or feeling […]

Top Fall Garden and Lawn Tasks


The full force of fall is upon us! With wonderfully warm days and crisp, “perfect sleeping weather” nights, now is the time to get those fall chores finished while the weather still allows. Wondering where to start? Here at Boulder Landscape and Design we have lots of suggestions and advice to help make your fall […]