Meet Our Designer, Cody De Forge

Cody Brings Concepts and Ideas To Life With His Visionary Design Skills

Cody is a passionate and dedicated landscape designer with a commitment to transforming outdoor spaces into captivating and functional extensions of the home. As a graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in landscape architecture, Cody has cultivated a deep understanding of the art and science of creating outdoor environments that seamlessly blend beauty and functionality.

With a keen eye for design, Cody specializes in crafting outdoor spaces that not only reflect the unique preferences and lifestyles of his clients but also serve as inviting gathering places for families and friends. He believes that outdoor spaces have the power to enhance the quality of life and foster meaningful connections, and this philosophy informs every aspect of his work.

His educational background and practical experience enable him to approach landscape design with a holistic perspective. He possesses a comprehensive knowledge of plant selection, hardscape elements, and

environmental considerations, ensuring that each project he undertakes is harmonious with its surroundings and sustainable in the long term.

Cody’s passion for landscape design, his dedication to client satisfaction, and his commitment to enhancing outdoor living spaces make him a trusted and sought-after professional in the field. With Cody at the helm of your landscape project, you can be confident in the creation of an outdoor space that perfectly complements your lifestyle and brings your vision to life.

Phenomenal quality, communication, and execution.

Cody managed the design concept, and he was patient, listened carefully, and offered guidance and opinions where I needed it. The process was flawless and the end result was just as promised, within budget. The job itself was done swiftly but with great care, and I could tell the whole team enjoyed it. This company exudes real passion for beautiful landscaping. If you’re looking for a stress-free landscaping transformation, this is it.

- Todd H.

Above and Beyond Anything We Could Have Expected

We knew we wanted to make our yard low maintenance, but were having troubles visualizing how things would come together.
Cody truly listened to us, understood our goals, and designed the perfect space for our needs. Cody and BLD made the whole thing come to life, we couldn’t be any more excited!

- Kathy C .

Here are several designs Cody has done, and examples of projects he
designed for and worked on with BLD.

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