Boulder Landscape and Design (BLD) has been serving the Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Gunbarrel, Lafayette, Louisville, Longmont, Lyons, Niwot, and Superior since 1981.

We work on residential and commercial properties of all shapes and sizes. The majority of the projects we do are full residential renovations.

Yes! We have a sprinkler specialist on staff who is a true irrigation wizard. We install waterwise drip irrigation in flower beds as well as spray heads for lawns, and time your watering to be most effective and water conserving. If you have different areas with varying water needs, we can zone and time your system to take care of all those needs.

Both! We have designers that can help bring your concepts to vision, and we have excellent crews who take those design plans and bring them to life!

We work with a variety of clients, some of whom already have a design in hand and just require install, and some who want to design for the future. 

Design plans range in price based on the scope of the project. Normally the ballpark for a standard design is anywhere from $1000-$2500.

With each design plan you will get a 2D plan that shows where everything goes, 3D pictures of what the space will look like when the project is complete, and also a plant list of all plants used within the design plan.

We start every project we do with a design plan as it allows everyone to get on the same page visually and work through the changes on the front end vs in the middle of construction.

By having a dialed-in design plan also ensures that the estimate for the project is extremely accurate as every detail has been worked through.

We are more than happy to schedule an initial consultation with one of our designers.

In this initial consultation, we want to see firsthand what the current landscape is, take measurements, and get a full understanding of your goals for your project. During this meeting we will also discuss the project timeline and anything that might influence the project, in addition to answering any questions you have.

After the initial consultation, the designer will be able to start working on a design plan for you.

Our estimates are very accurate! There are no hidden fees, what you see on the estimate is what the final price will be.

The only thing that could change the final price is if you decide to make changes to the scope of the project, then adjustments will be made. But you will be informed of the costs associated to the changes before any work is done.

Yes! We want your landscape to last a lifetime and Boulder Landscape and Design (BLD). For the first year as long as proper care and watering are confirmed, we will replace any struggling plant at no cost to you.