Standing in the Shadows? Learn about Outside Lighting

Learn about Outside Lighting - house at night

Too often, outside lighting means a porch light by the door and a lamppost marking the end of the driveway. Today however, vibrant, luminescent options mean your home and garden can be as dazzling by moonlight as they are by light of day. And the new LED designs make it affordable and environmentally sound. Learn […]

Landscaping with Cacti and Succulents

Landscaping with Cacti and Succulents

Cacti are Colorado… Before Colorado settlers imported the shrubs and trees that now forest the Front Range, nature’s garden included abundant cacti. These indigenous landscape plants are well suited to the high desert plateau we call home. Indeed, cacti are native only to the Western Hemisphere! Most of us, however, overlook the sculptural value cacti provide […]

Top Fall Garden and Lawn Tasks


The full force of fall is upon us! With wonderfully warm days and crisp, “perfect sleeping weather” nights, now is the time to get those fall chores finished while the weather still allows. Wondering where to start? Here at Boulder Landscape and Design we have lots of suggestions and advice to help make your fall […]

Preparing Lawns and Sprinklers for Fall

Preparing Lawns and Sprinklers for Fall - close up of sprinkler head.jpg

Not to kill the Labor Day buzz, but have you given any thought to putting the lawn to bed yet? No? Neither has anyone else! And we could be just weeks away from the first freeze! How about we help you get the jump on it this year with some tips on getting your lawn […]

Put Some Fire in Your Life with Backyard Fire Pits

Backyard Fire Pits - on the lawn

Backyard fire pits are a natural gathering place for family and friends. There’s nothing quite like getting together around a crackling fire. Conversations are richer, songs sound sweeter and jokes call forth more laughter. A fire pit makes a dramatic entertainment focal point, and can extend your evening as well as your outdoor living season […]

Tall Exotic Grasses Add Variety in the Landscape

Tall Exotic Grasses Add Variety in the Landscape - purple grasses

Throughout the heartland of the United States grow the tall grass prairies. Once a force to be reckoned with for farmers and ranchers, these grasslands are now the source of graceful exotic alternatives to shrubs and trees in the modern home or business landscape. From formal to naturalized, decorative grasses fit any design scheme There […]

Gardening Spring Chore Checklist

Gardening Spring Chore Checklist

Spring is the time of year we all start thinking about getting annuals and perennials into the ground, planting new trees, and an maybe even constructing that patio you’ve been wanting. We thought we’d offer the following checklist to help you make sure you haven’t forgotten anything! Our gardening spring chore checklist Sprinklers turned back […]

Landscape Maintenance Is a Four Season Project

Landscape Maintenance Is a Four Season Project - drawing of 4 trees

The healthiest landscapes get attention all year ’round! Your landscape is a living, growing thing, and just like kids or puppies, it needs frequent and consistent attention, even in the off-season. Check out our suggested landscape maintenance schedule below. November and December landscape maintenance: These months’ tasks include cleaning leaves out of your gutters, and […]

Decorating Your Home and Landscape for the Holidays

Decorating Your Home and Landscape for the Holidays - Christmas tree lights

Lighting our homes for the holiday season can be a real joy – or fodder for a Hollywood comedy! Here’s a few tips that will have you hearing the Ooohs and Ahhhhs of your neighbors in no time… For a memorable holiday lighting experience: Make a sketch of where you want the lights. ..An easy […]

Pick the Right Rock for Your New Wall or Patio

Ever Been Stone Shopping? If you are going to build a patio, stone path or retaining wall, you want to take some time deciding exactly what kind of rock you want to use. Just like laying carpet or tile in your home, you will spend hours relaxing with your choice. You want to like it! […]