Decorating Your Home and Landscape for the Holidays - Christmas tree lights
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Decorating Your Home and Landscape for the Holidays

Decorating Your Home and Landscape for the Holidays - Christmas tree lightsLighting our homes for the holiday season can be a real joy – or fodder for a Hollywood comedy! Here’s a few tips that will have you hearing the Ooohs and Ahhhhs of your neighbors in no time…

For a memorable holiday lighting experience:

Make a sketch of where you want the lights. ..An easy basic design is to outline the eaves and windows and highlite foundation shrubs and a specimen tree. Wrap deciduous tree trunks and spiral drape their branches.
Measure the area to be lit. Know how many feet of lights you’ll need.
Check to make sure all strings/bulbs are working.
Track down your electricity source before you start hanging the lights.
Decide how you want to mount your lights. Plastic clips for the eaves and gutters work great. You can also mount lights with an electrician’s staple gun specially shaped for wires, a hot glue gun, or permanent metal hooks.
Weatherize your plugs by wrapping them with green electrician’s tape.

Indulge your personal taste. Go classic with all white mini lights and lit natural figures, or use the big, colored C9 bulbs for a retro look. Flashing, dancing lights and waving snowmen express a childlike joy in the holidays. Are you decorating for your own enjoyment at the end of a long day? In competition for the neighborhood prize? For a special party? To delight the children? Decorate for your audience! And have a great Holiday Season!