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Shovelry Is Not Dead!

Shovelry Is Not Dead - outside lamp at nightBoulder County Cities and Towns require snow to be removed from residential sidewalks within 24 hours of a snowstorm. (In Boulder it is by noon the day after a storm.) It is the homeowner or renter’s job to take care of this chore, unless your HOA has made other arrangements.

So what is the best way to make a physically challenging and time consuming task more manageable? Follow these simple tips:

  • If the snow is under two inches and the forecast is for clear skies and warmer temperatures the next day, let the warm Colorado sun take care of it! A minimal amount of snow will typically be gone the next day by noon.
  • Powder snows of up to three inches can be easily swept away with a broom.
  • In a major storm, if it is not blizzard conditions, it helps to get out and shovel frequently during waking hours to eat away at the task. This prevents overloading your shovel and possible injuries.
  • If you can, shovel before neighbors walk on the snow. Compacted snow tends to turn to ice and stick to the walkway, making your job tougher!
  • Lift with your knees and come to a full stand before twisting to toss the snow.
  • When the weather is very cold, wrap a scarf around your mouth to warm the air. Deep inhalation of cold air can aggravate lung and heart problems.
  • If you have a wide or long driveway or walk, consider buying a snow blower.
  • Hire a snow removal professional. They are more reliable than the neighborhood kids and less expensive than a snow blower, even over several seasons!

Clearing the white stuff the easy way…

Boulder Landscape and Design offers you a seasonal snow removal contract. We will show up automatically within the allotted removal time and clear your walks, steps, decks and driveways. We even do snow removal on rooftops if requested, and we are fully insured. Call 303-443-3460 to schedule your snow removal.