Clean Gutters and Drains Protect Your House and Garden

Clean Gutters and Drains Protect Your House and Garden - child playing in leaves

Fall Colors Mean Messy Gutters! If you’re like most homeowners, cleaning the gutters is at the top of your “things to procrastinate doing” list. Saturdays are meant for scaling mountains, not awnings, and then there’s that horrible goop that you need to scoop out with your (hopefully gloved) hands! Still, those lovely deciduous shade trees […]

Fall Clean Ups: Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Why Fall Clean Ups - wildflower in a field

Why fall clean ups? Think of it as the beginning of your next growing season! Though the garden slows down in the fall it is still hard at work. A bit of work in the garden now will reap HUGE rewards in the coming spring. Tips for cleaning up to prepare your garden for winter: […]

How to Get Rid of Summer Lawn Fungus


If your lawn is mottled with yellowed arcs, circles or patches you may be one of many Boulder County homeowners whose lawns have been invaded by Leaf Blight or Necrotic Ring Spot fungus. Both diseases are endemic to Boulder soils. The first step to get rid of summer lawn fungus is….patience These diseases are challenging […]

Keeping Plants Healthy in the Heat

Keeping Plants Healthy in the Heat - sprinklers water a lawn

Summer Temps are ‘Sirius’ Business…Help your lawn and gardens beat the heat. The Romans believed that when Sirius – the Dog Star and brightest star in the sky – rose and set with the mid summer sun, it added its heat to our own star and created what are known as the Dog Days of […]

Spring Clean Up for Lawns and Gardens

Sometimes spring arrives heralded by a foot of snow! No worries, your spring bulbs are hardy and should be safe under their blanket of white. The good news is that cold winters and wet springs make for a glorious display of flowers in April and May. Your garden beds are about to go berserk, so […]

Winter Gardening Maintenance Tips

Grass Clippings - Good or Bad - shady area

As the temperatures drop and the sky darkens with predicted snow, our December “tips” are aimed at making your winter landscape chores a little easier! Winter Mulching: Nature’s Comforter for Your Plants’ Roots Though trees and plants are dormant during the cold winter months, they may still suffer damage from frigid temperatures, winter drying and […]

Shovelry Is Not Dead!

Shovelry Is Not Dead - outside lamp at night

Boulder County Cities and Towns require snow to be removed from residential sidewalks within 24 hours of a snowstorm. (In Boulder it is by noon the day after a storm.) It is the homeowner or renter’s job to take care of this chore, unless your HOA has made other arrangements. So what is the best […]