Winter Watering

Colorado's Climate

Colorado’s climate makes winter watering a must to ensure trees, shrubs, lawns, and even some plants stay healthy and aren’t injured by lack of water during the winter season. Successful winter watering depends on the plant, root depth, soil, weather patterns, temperature, and especially the timing and regularity. 

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winter watering
watering timing

Watering at the Right Time

Successful winter watering must be done above certain temperatures and early enough in the day that the water has time to soak into the roots before temperatures drop. Boulder Landscape and Design (BLD) has the expertise and resources to follow weather patterns and time your winter watering accordingly.

Winter Landscape

Protect Your Landscape

Whether it’s your lawn, shrubs, trees, or perennials, Boulder Landscape and Design (BLD) will ensure your landscape is properly watered throughout the winter months (usually October through March, depending on the year). Proper winter watering is absolutely crucial to keeping your landscape looking fresh and healthy year after year.