The Design Process

Part I: Design

It Starts With a Chat!

All of our projects start with a phone call, a quick conversation to understand the basics of your project and to schedule a visit to your location to get all of the details.

A Visit To Your Location

Next, we visit your location to learn more about your vision for the project. We want to see firsthand what the current landscape is, get a concrete understanding of your intentions for the project, and give you recommendations and options for ways we can impact the landscape.  This is the fun part!  During this meeting we will also discuss the project timeline and anything that can influence the project.

Designing Your Dream Space

After the visit, it’s time to move forward with a design.  During this stage we will bring our discussions into a complete design. We also collect the design fee at this time.

Part II: Construction

Scheduling Your Build

We’re excited to break ground on your project! Once you’re ready to start building, we’ll discuss a timeline and add you to our construction schedule. 

Starting Your Project

Once it’s time to start, we will schedule a pre-project walk-through with you to go over the details, estimate timeframes, and do final checks to make sure everyone is on the same page.


With the pre-project walk-through done and the details finalized, it’s time to break ground on your dream space! Our team works diligently to get your project to completion and on schedule (barring the occassional crazy Colorado weather!).


Giving you the outdoor space you’ve dreamed of is exactly what we are here to do.  As soon as the project is complete, we will do a final walk-through with you to make sure you are happy with the results. We’ll also discuss ongoing, seasonal, and system maintenance options to ensure your space stays beautiful.


Maintenance is key to keeping your space beautiful.  We offer ongoing maintenance, seasonal cleanups, irrigation system maintenance, winter watering, and even snow removal to keep your outdoor space as beautiful as it is on the date of completion.

Part III: Enjoy Your New Space

That's a Wrap!

Every single project is important to us, and we hope you are truly happy with your project, whether it’s residential, commercial, or a specialized project like xeriscaping or stonework. With the project finished, you can enjoy the new outdoor space, and always feel free to call us for maintenance help, new designs, and upgrades.

Ready to start your landscape design project? Contact us today!