Seasonal Cleanups and Maintenance

Aeration and Fertilization

A big part of seasonal maintenance is making sure your plants and grass have what it needs to grow. We offer aeration and fertilization services, and recommend doing these in spring, summer, and fall to keep your outdoor space looking lush and beautiful.

Trimming and Shaping

Trimming and shaping your plants and bushes give them the well-maintained and groomed look everybody wants. Our team is happy to handle trimming, shaping, and maintaining plants and bushes to keep them looking well-manicured and fresh.

Irrigation System Shutoff/Turn ons

While Colorado offers wonderful outdoor activities year round, with the cold weather comes the time for irrigation shutoffs and sprinkler blow outs. Boulder Landscape and Design (BLD) will manage your irrigation system shut offs, turn offs, and calibration as the weather shifts as well as sprinkler system blow outs, turn on, and coverage adjustment.

Raking and Removals

To ensure your lawn will come back without dead patches, raking leaves and pine needles is essential. One of our most popular seasonal maintenance services is raking and removing fallen leaves, branches, and pine needles. 

Dead Foliage and Branch Removal

Overgrown branches and dead foliage can be hazardous to your outdoor space as well as nearby power lines and homes. Boulder Landscape and Design (BLD) can handle branch trimming and removal and getting rid of dead foliage to keep your home looking beautiful and up to date.

garden bed prep

Garden Bed Prep

One of the joys of spring is planning your garden. Boulder Landscape and Design (BLD) offers garden bed clearouts and prep to ensure your garden will produce.