Commercial Design and Construction

Boulder Landscape Design (BLD) offers commercial design and construction projects in Boulder. Whether you are looking for plants and shrubbery, stonework, or a complete design, we can help create spaces that will make your clients, customers, and visitors feel welcome.

Popular Commercial Features

Stonework and Pathways

Water features, like ponds, fountains, streams, reflecting pools, and waterfalls offer breathtaking microclimates that can serve as the focal point of your landscape or offer a secluded corner for contemplation or conversation.

Water Features

Water fountains, especially when combined with beautiful stonework, can add a welcoming and relaxing element to your commercial space. We’ve even seen ponds added to commercial areas to enrich and complement the business-centric design.

Plantlife and Shrubs

Many commercial clients prefer the look of neatly-pruned hedges and plants that stay green year round. Boulder Landscape and Design (BLD) can help you choose the right plant life for your space, and even take care of maintenance.

Commercial Landscape

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