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Boulder Landscape and Design

Xeric Front Yard Garden Planning and Design

By Paige Payne, Online Landscape Designs

This xeric front yard landscape was designed to be water wise, colorful, interesting, and bird and bee friendly.  We used some water saving ideas for the garden while working around the homeowner’s mature silver maple tree.  First, we removed all of the thirsty turf. Then a drip irrigation system was installed that efficiently waters each plant individually at its roots.

This water wise front yard garden includes bermed areas for contour and moss rock boulders for year round visual interest. We then designed pathways for navigating the garden and evergreen plants for winter greenery. Finally, we added shrubs and perennials that bloom from early spring to late fall for as much color as possible through three seasons.  The homeowners wanted a very detailed plant design, so we created two versions of this xeric design. One design has a plant key and the other has plant labels.

Xeric Front Yard Landscape Design with Plant Labels

Xeric Front Yard Landscape Design with Plant Key

The plant pallet for this xeric front yard garden features drought tolerant shrubs and perennials. These plants attract pollinators such as bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.  Many of the shrubs provide berries for birds and the homeowners to enjoy. There are perennial herbs, medicinal plants and Colorado natives in the landscape design as well.  This variety of plants transformed the front yard into a space that is water wise, functional and beautiful.

Xeric Front Yard Garden Before and After

About Paige Payne:

Paige has been working with BLD since 2010 to design and manage the installation of all types of landscapes and has also founded her own design company, Online Landscape Designs, offering online and digital landscape designs and garden resources primarily through online consultations.