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Winter Planning for Spring Gardens

Each year in early February the ancient Celts would celebrate Imbolc, the time when increasing light and warmth brought promise of another Spring. Today we continue this tradition as Groundhog Day, and even though that rascal saw his shadow this year you can presage your own return to Spring by planning your seasonal landscape now!

Nothing helps get through the winter like planning your spring garden

Here are a few fun new shade-loving plants for your perennial bed…

hardy_bleeding_heartsThis is a hardy fragrant Bleeding Heart that blooms for a full five months from early spring through summer. Bleeding Hearts are shade loving and perform very well along the Front Range. This one, called Burning Heart, makes a dramatic show among ferns and hostas in the shady perennial bed.

brush_stroke_helleborusThese Brush Stroke Heleborus are a Front Range gardener’s dream. They are very early bloomers for three months during late winter and spring, thrive in the shade and are deer proof! The blossoms are up to three inches across and borne singly on the stem. The colors are vibrant, and the evergreen foliage provides interest in the winter garden. Try the London Fog variety, which is slate black!

hosta_dancing_in_the_rainThis new Hosta variety, Dancing in the Rain, creates a brilliant splash with its wide white center. It is drought resistant, loves shade and grows 28″ tall with subtle flowers in mid summer. It makes a nice backdrop for showier shade flowers or as a companion with ferns.