Residential Design and Construction

Ready to transform your yard into the landscape of your dreams? Boulder Landscape and Design (BLD) can help you design and build a beautiful outdoor spaces while keeping your style, purpose, and maintenance needs in mind.

Residential Landscape Design

Popular Residential Landscape Styles

Mountain Rustic

The classic Colorado look, Mountain Rustic draws inspiration from traditional mountain homes. Think log cabins, beautiful stonework, fire pits, and trees and shrubs that stay green through the winter.

English Garden

There’s nothing more whimsical than a beautiful English Garden. English Gardens bring together beautiful flowers, ornate stonework and hidden pathways that reveal breathtaking colors.


Our Modern designs are inspired by East Asian designs, and bring together flat rockwork, stunning water features, and unique plant life for a stunning, showstopping landscape.


Stay on the cutting edge and be a trendsetter with a Contemporary landscape design. Contemporary designs combine the best of what’s popular now and set the trends for coming years. 


Do you enjoy lush grasses of all kinds and beautiful wildflowers? If the rolling hills of the great outdoors and pockets of gravel and stone resonate with you, a Country style will bring all of the elements of the beautiful great outdoors and plains to your home.


The eclectic style of Mediterranean landscapes bring shapely stonework, fountains, and beautiful raised and stepped flower beds together in one breathtaking design. If you’ve ever imagined yourself drinking an espresso on a terrace in Tuscany, a Mediterranean design will be perfect for you.


Is there anything better than the warmth of adobe homes with beautiful sands, rockwork, and cactus and succulents of all kinds? A Southwest landscape brings forth feelings of summer. Looking for something different? Try Southwest with a little country!

Questions To Ask Yourself

1. What Do I Love About My Current Landscape?

When selecting a design style, it’s important to know not only what you like about your current landscape, but also what you don’t like. Consider slope and grading opportunities, your existing vegetation, and lack of or too much open space.

2. How Will I Use My Outdoor Space?

Are you looking for a place to entertain, or a quiet retreat? A children’s play area, or an area for your dog? How you intend to use the landscape will help determine what design and style would fit best.

3. What is Important to Me?

Think about what is most important to have in your space. Is it plantings, trees, shrubs, and perennials, or is it a lawn, patio, or deck walkways? Is parking, storage, or lighting a must? Is there a special feature, like a pergola, bench, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen that you’d like? It’s important to know what is important to you and also why.

4. What Style Do I Want?

Formal, informal, mixed, natural, woody, groomed, therapeutic… there are so many options when it comes to your style. Think about the landscapes that you love visiting, and consider what about those styles speak to you.

5. What Do I Like?

Think about the things that stand out to you. Do you like lots of color or have a favorite color? Do subtle backgrounds keep you calm, or do you like a lot of texture and stonework? Do you want a variety of greens and plant life, or are you looking for something whimsical?

6. How Much Maintenance Can I Do?

Often one of the most overlooked parts of a new landscape is the question of how much maintenance you want to do. If you enjoy being outside and gardening, then maybe a landscape that requires a lot of care is perfect for you. If you want something low maintenance, then an easy to upkeep design may be right for you. Don’t want to compromise? We offer ongoing and seasonal maintenance for those who want a beautiful landscape without the hassle.

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