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Plan Ahead for Winter and the Holidays – Already?

Plan Ahead for Winter and the Holidays - holiday home at night with snowYep! It’s time to think about snow removal and holiday lighting! We’ve already seen the first real snow of the season and the holidays will soon be here as well. Whether you plan to do-it-yourself or hire someone, October is a great time prepare for winter.

Snow Removal

If you do your own shoveling or plowing check your equipment, from plows to snow-blowers to hand-shovels, and repair or replace worn or broken parts. Check the gas and oil levels and start blowers and plows to make sure they are functioning so you won’t be caught without them on a snowy morning!

Holiday Lighting

The stores are already filling with fun holiday lighting. Now is the time to check your strands from last year and replace any worn, burned out or missing strings or bulbs. There are many energy saving lighting choices now. LED (light emitting diodes) lights use up to 90% less energy than traditional holiday lights and are available in mini’s, and C5, 7 and 9 bulbs. There are also solar options that have been vastly improved over the years and seem to work even after an overcast day.

Hiring Out?

With either of these chores, if you are planning on hiring a service to do it for you, now is the time to call and contract with them. Both snow-removal and holiday lighting companies often get book early in the season and some offer discounts for early sign-up.

Plan Ahead for Winter and the Holidays - Christmas tree

Visit Our Holiday Lighting Sampler House

Twinkling lights, colored lights, solar-powered lights, rope lights, two kinds of icicle lights and a moose! We’ve put it all together for you at one location so you can drive past and see what you’d like to try at your home this year!

We will be installing holiday lighting this year. Please call us with any questions or for your free estimate at 303-443-3460.