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How to Get Back on Track with Landscaping Chores

Get Back on Track with Landscaping ChoresSuffering from Sudden Summer Shock? Now that summer has decided to come and stay we will send you a landscaping tip regularly to keep you informed about landscaping problems, horticultural trends and fun gardening ideas. Today we are addressing the best plan of action for our slow start to summer!

Landscaping Chores Include Late Planting

It is noticeable all over town, from yards lacking that burst of annual color to garden centers slashing prices for an overstock of plants. It was not a good May for the yearly ritual of sprucing up the yard. So what do we do now?

Many folks are asking if it is too late to put in annuals or plant perennials. Almost without exception, the answer is “No!” These showy, colorful flowers splash that much desired “Monet” floral pallet across our garden beds and you do not have to go without!

Here are a few tips for making late planting a success:

  • Choose healthy looking plants that are not too overgrown for their containers
  • Gently break up compacted roots just before planting
  • Boost growth with high quality compost or organic fertilizer
  • Water your new plants well especially on dry, hot days
  • Remove dead flower heads to promote more bud formation
  • Preserve soil moisture with a good shredded mulch

With the exception of early spring bulbs, there is still time to plant a beautiful, colorful garden to please the eye throughout the remainder of summer.