Planting colorful yellow celosia plants in a lush green landscaped garden with a neat wavy flowerbed filled with flowering plants and evergreen conifers
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Garden Design Plan for Year Round Color

Want Year Round Color in Your Garden? Here Is a Garden Design Plan for Year Round Color

by Paige Payne, Online Landscape Designs

Last year I created a plant guide outlining a few of my favorite plants that creates year-round color in the garden. This year I drew a plan to help homeowners design and layout the plants recommended in the guide.

This garden plan places the plants that are the largest at the back of the planting bed. The plants are then layered front to back with the shortest in the front and the tallest in the back. This allows for maximum visibility of the plants when they are the most colorful.

The bed in this garden design is scaled at 10’x10’. You can adjust the number of plants needed to fit your space. Or if you would like help creating a custom plan that can be followed down to the last detail, I can help with that!

Download The PDF of this Garden Design Here

About Paige Payne:

Paige has been working with BLD since 2010 to design and manage the installation of all types of landscapes and has also founded her own design company, Online Landscape Designs, offering online and digital landscape designs and garden resources primarily through online consultations.