Catching Up on Spring Chores

A neighbor child was lying on her belly, eyes glued to the lawn. When I asked her what she was watching she replied, “My dad said the grass was growing so fast you could see it!” That sounds about right. We’ve had a very wet spring so far, but as temperatures begin to climb Mother […]

Even Without A Vegetable Garden, A Feast Awaits You In Your Yard!

Did you know many common landscape plants have edible leaves, flowers, or roots? This article focuses on how to munch your way around your yard, delighting in a harvest you never suspected was there! Bachelor’s buttons taste like cloves, calendula (marigold) can double as saffron in rice and soups, and lavender flowers may be dropped into […]

Your Yard is So You!

Is your landscape modern or romantic? Does it evoke a sense of mystery or the presence of efficiency? Is your yard inviting or a private refuge? Your landscape is an important “first glimpse” that reveals more about you than you might imagine! This landscaping tip will get you thinking about what you would like to […]

Light up Your Landscape

Very few of us go to bed when the sun goes down – why should your landscape? Spotlights, accents, up- and down-lighting, step lights, tree highlights, path lights, wall lights and fountains of light can both turn your home into a twilight showcase and extend your outdoor living into the wee morning hours. Get started […]

Don’t Get Caught by a Freeze

The kids may just have gone back to school and the days are still hot and sunny, but fall is fast approaching and Boulder’s weather can be mighty fickle from here on! A few fun facts about fall snows and freezes: Earliest freeze – September. 8, 1962 Earliest snow – September 12, 1974 Average freeze […]

What Kind of Stone is Right for Your Project?

Stone is always a popular choice in the landscape. Whether natural, amalgamated or manufactured, stone gives a sense of permanence to your home and can help create a regal, formal look or add a natural feel to your yard. This tip will help you discover how to select landscaping stone from among the maze of […]

Make a Bold Statement with Decorative Grass

The summer solstice sun makes it officially summer time with at least three long months to enjoy Colorado’s warm days and cool pleasant evenings. Read how ornamental grasses can complement your home’s landscape and garden. The Staff and Crew at Boulder Landscape and Design

Beat the Heat and Protect Your Landscape

The Dog Days of Summer, named not for the fact that our best friends are sprawled beneath any shade they can find, but for the presence of the constellation Canis Major and its brightest star, Sirius or the Dog Star. From July through early September this hot weather dogs us and also affects our lawns […]

Exotic Heritage Plants Work Naturally In Any Garden Setting

As this photo shows, Boulder was not always the Boulder before trees lush urban forest we take for granted today! That’s CU’s Old Main sitting alone up on the hill; the line of trees below it is the cottonwood riparian area along Boulder Creek, and the trees in the foreground were planted by the farmer. […]

Designing Your Landscape to Please More Than the Eyes

Rolling thunderstorms are a delight not only for the ears, but for the nose as well. As the winds and rain wash over us from the foothills, they bring scents of pine, grasses, earth, and… mint? Step outside and enjoy the sounds of the leaves and the smorgasbord of neighborhood scents hitch-hiking the breeze… a […]